#53 – “I AM A VILLAIN”

The slivers of pain,
They crept through my trenches.
It pressed into my vein.
It crawled me insane.

Oh! The film that covers me! 
Touch it carefully!
For your gentle fingers may break me. 
Scars that you may never see.

Can you heal?
Can you fix it? 
The broken pieces, 
make them seal.

I am a villain.
Created by many.
I am an alien.
I am in pieces by a billion.

Do you still want to love me?

Submitted by Kym Jeffrey

#44 – “THEY SAY”

My body is a statement
The idea that I can love it is anathema
For something in me must be broken

They say

My choices are a statement
Daring to change for my health and my happiness
Is a crime against their God

So they say

Even a trip to the bathroom is a statement
It does not matter the man I am becoming
I should join the women in the ladies

So they say

The clothes I put on are a statement
I can try all I want
But I won’t be real until I pass

So they say

Enough of what they say!
My life is not something to be bandied on stage
Laughed off as a joke, or phrased as a debate

That is what I say

People who never walked in my shoes
Arguing for and against my right to be
A simple man, living his life is wrong

That is what I say

It is hard to stand tall in a life where
I am denied at every turn, where I know
My neighbors would happily see me burn, oh well

That is what I say

How difficult is it to accept that
The person living this life might
Know it better than you?

That is what I say

This hard skin won’t crack
Developed from years of being
Forced to hide in plain sight

That is what I say

Trying to live as best I know how, hearing
A damned politician pat himself on the back for
Allowing me the treatment I need, is wrong

That is what I say

They say this choice will lead me to burn
Their God does not make mistakes, but my only choice
Was to live a truth, or die from the lie

Hear what I have to say.

Submitted by Xander Hargreaves