Short story submitted by Tyler Busse
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Nervousness began setting in as I waited for my professor. The door clicked as he walked in not making an attempt to acknowledge me. He’s been like this since I volunteered.
            “So,” I began, “What is the objective?”
“You’ll understand once you get there.” He stated.
“How will I know it’s over?”
“It will be clear once the time comes.”
“Can you tell me anything?” I asked, becoming increasingly more frustrated.
If he heard, he made no signs of it. He began performing the gestures signaling he was casting; he followed this up with a string of words.
“Thanks for your help,” I muttered.
As my professor finished the incantation, I felt myself pulled to the field. The clearing stretched in front of me for about 100 yards; it was lined with trees forming clear boundaries. My competitor stood on the other side of the clearing. Like me, he was surveying the grounds on which we were supposed to perform. Panic washed over me. Did I recognize him? He didn’t waste time as he began reciting a series of syllables in one of the ancient languages. Flowers began to rise from the ground and bloomed into beautiful shades of blues and greens all over the field. I smiled. Let’s do this.  (more…)

#32 – “CELIA”

Short story submitted by Katy grubb, UK
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It was now eight thirty; Danni sat hunched on the grimy little balcony, gripping a cigarette. She took another long drag, and the icy sensation engulfed her throat. Clearing her head somewhat, but failing to untangle the knot in her stomach.

It was the third day that she hadn’t been able to eat. The bowl of soup on the kitchen counter, now cold and beginning to congeal in its Styrofoam bowl, had made her heave so much that she was unable to finish it.

Sitting on the edge of the battered couch with bits of the stuffing springing out of the shredded blue and green material, Danni summoned the courage to look directly into Celia’s eyes; slate blue and glittering with malicious pleasure, that cruel mocking smile as she took another sip of whisky. The worst part of Celia always came out when she drank; it was as if a demon was unleashed. But even now Danni still looked intently at her, searching for some kindness, some trace of the girl she loved. The girl who loved her. But there was nothing. (more…)